Celebrate & Rejuvenate: Sari’s Trip to Royal Champagne and Chenot Palace Weggis


Sari Freeman was on the road before and after ILTM Cannes 2021, and got the opportunity to experience Royal Champagne during festive season as well as Chenot Palace Weggis for a 7-day detox program! The two properties were celebratory in completely different and complimentary ways; the first was a place to celebrate with friends in the heart of the Champagne region, and the other to celebrate the body, mind and soul with the ultimate destination for self-care.

Read on to learn about Sari’s trip!

It felt so good to be back in Europe after so long, and this trip was packed with a variety of wonderful experiences with some of my dear friends in the travel industry. It all felt like a celebration, partly because it had been so long since we were in Europe, and partly because of the holiday season! After ILTM Cannes, I had the pleasure of experiencing two truly outstanding destination resorts: the first was ideal for celebrating with friends or loved ones, and the second for celebrating you!

What better way to celebrate any special occasion than at the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa! Toast to whatever you have to celebrate in the idyllic picturesque heart of Champagne region overlooking fields of vines with expansive views of hills and hamlets.

Royal Champagne Junior Suite

Whether you are sitting by the fireplace in the living room or in La Bellevue restaurant where the chandeliers sparkle to complement the bubbles in the champagne, everywhere you look there is beauty, smiling staff and an inviting luxurious ambiance. Whether traveling with friends, or if not when you arrive, you will leave as friends for certain. The environment is that of a glowing warmth and welcome where you simply feel wonderful! The spa is expansive and features both an indoor and outdoor pool–all overlooking amazing countryside views, and the dining and drinking experiences are beyond exceptional!

Outdoor Heated Pool

After visiting Champagne, we embarked on an entirely different type of experience. The flagship Chenot Palace in Weggis, Switzerland, offers the most impressive wellness programs I have ever experienced! It is a rare and precious opportunity to take time for yourself through a seven night Advanced Detox Program at this award-winning wellness retreat.

Chenot Palace Weggis

Truly out of this world in terms of cutting edge technology, Chenot is the perfect place to visit at a time where health could not be more top of mind. Chenot Palace Weggis opened just a year and a half ago during the pandemic, and they have had exceptional success in a very short time! And with good reason: they provide guests with great results!

When I first learned about the Chenot Palace from a travel industry friend and then from Katrin Seifert, their Director of Sales, it sounded very intriguing. I knew it would be outstanding but honestly, it exceeded all expectations! I quickly realized how fortunate I was to have the opportunity to experience and benefit from the Chenot Method®, the state-of-the-art technology, and the diagnostics that are truly out of this world! So far beyond what we know spas and wellness retreats to be.

Chenot Palace Lounge

Dr. Chenot and now Dr. George Gaitanos have a vision along with Mme Chenot and Ivana Sgheiz, the fabulous CEO, that is far above the norm. They have not only created a wellness retreat that goes beyond what we know to be possible, with the added benefit of boasting the extremely high level of service expected from a “palace” hotel! The perfect combination and not easily accomplished.

The program starts with your meeting with a doctor, with whom you meet three times during your stay to check on your progress. Dr. Shirine Hund, a young Harvard graduate from the U.S., has a soft spoken, gentle demeanor yet has a powerhouse of knowledge and information to share. She connected with me immediately and my traveling partner, Michaela, too! She put us at ease and helped incorporate all of the reports and diagnostics at the end of the stay, offering guidance on what to take home to improve your overall health for longevity and optimum health.

Chenot Palace Diagnostics

At the core of all three programs is the Advanced Detox program, which is comprised of a vegetarian diet of just 850 calories a day, free of caffeine, sugar, salt, and alcohol. This puts your body into starvation mode which helps it detoxify naturally. Additionally, Advanced Detox uses specific daily treatments using hydrotherapy to help speed up the process of eliminating toxins from your body. Depending on your goals and program, you can choose to be as active or relaxed as you wish. The nutritionist and energy doctors were also amazing guiding you in terms of diet and emotional well-being.

By the time you leave, after all the cryotherapy, lymph drainage, facials, and circulation enhancement treatments, you feel like a new person! Let us know if you have questions or need further details. I am always happy to share! In fact, I feel so good that I cannot wait to return. Something I must share is that they are only open now just over 18 months and some clients have already returned four times. I met two guests on their third visit!

With wellness top of mind for many travelers, both Royal Champagne and Chenot Palace Weggis are excellent options for those looking to unwind, recharge, and feel their best.