Emily (in Paris) at the Palais Royal!


Sari Freeman was on the road again this past December following ILTM Cannes, starting off with a visit to the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal and the very first tour of the hotel’s “Emily in Palais Royal” TV show tour!

Paris is the city of light and love and truly my favorite city in Europe! I was so delighted to finally get back last month after so long. I wanted to test out our exciting new ‘Emily in Palais Royal’ offer released just in time for Season 2!

It all started almost 18 months ago…. I was locked down at home when we were all a bit nervous about the world shutting down. I didn’t miss traveling too much at the time…that is…until saw the Netflix original series: Emily in Paris! It awoke something deep inside of me; it reawakened my love of Paris and made me want to go back in time to the days of my junior year in France! During the first episode, when she walked towards her new Paris office, I jumped out of my seat with excitement shouting “That’s my hotel! The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal!” What a surprise it was, when we couldn’t travel, to see my hotel on TV! I was thrilled! You see, the hotel is attached to the building where Emily’s Savoir office is located on the Place Valois.

It was such an uplifting show (even though it doesn’t paint a pretty picture of Parisians) and the connection to our beloved hotel, truly gave me hope that we would travel again soon and that many would be inspired to travel to Paris to feel like Emily!

The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal is an ideal hotel to feel like a local as it is so ideally situated in Paris. Beautifully tucked behind the romantic formal Palais Royal gardens and overlooking the quiet Place Valois, the stylish Five Star Boutique hotel is a favorite of the fashion industry. Just steps from the Louvre and minutes from the Left Bank, it is ideally located to take advantage of what the Parisians adore; one of a kind shops, restaurants and galleries. The elegant traditional structure embellished by a fresh contemporary interior creates a very warm and inviting ambiance. I stayed at the Suite Panoramic, which offers one of the best views atop Paris from the huge terrace, showcasing the top of the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Palais Royal, the Opera all the way to Sacre Coeur! Staying there makes one feel as though you are in a scene of the show itself.

Suite Panoramic at the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

It is such a stunning suite, I invited a very few industry friends to visit for a glass of bubbly! The same day, I invited a few advisors for lunch and to do the Emily in Palais Royal tour visiting several of the famous sites and locations in the show such as her apartment, the restaurant, one of the cafés and the Palais Royal gardens where Emily and Mindy spend time together….It was quite cold outside, but we still had so much fun. I think this is the perfect spot for Emily fans to stay, visit the nearby filming locations, and have a room overlooking the Savoir office (so prominently featured). Several inclusions are a red beret and a book on how to become an Instagram star! The tour is offered as an option. 

Living the dream in Paris, that is what we experienced. Now that I have binge-watched Season 2 of the show, it makes me want to get back again soon. It will be the same for many of your clients so keep this offer at the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal in mind!  They will adore this amazing welcoming boutique 5-star hotel on the 1st arrondissement of Paris, and if they are fans, they will love the very Parisian view of the Savoir office or should they prefer to upgrade to the Suite Panoramic or Suite Palais Royal both of which have terraces with outstanding views and where you surely know and feel you are in the heart of Paris!

Emily in Palais Royal Offer

Guests will enjoy a guaranteed view over the Place de Valois, and the famous Agence Savoir. Breakfast included and gifts: a French beret, a graphic “Parisienne” tee shirt, and a book about
how to become an Instagram star!

A private guided tour with all of the famous areas
the show is filmed in – 390 € / 3h

Superior Room from 425 € per night
Deluxe Room from 485 € per night

No Minimum Stay
Offer available until April 30th, 2022

To book or for inquiries, please contact us at: info@passagesofdistinction.com