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Free to Roam: First FAM Trip of 2021 to Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa
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Free to Roam – It feels like the best dream ever! There was something very inspiring about my first international trip in almost one full year!  Now, several weeks later, it truly feels like a fabulous dream! It felt like a rebirth… going from my warm and cozy cocoon in New Jersey, to breaking out of my shell and going back out into the world.  I was busting out like a butterfly!  It felt like traveling for the very first time, a little like Madonna’s “Like

5 Romantic Luxury Travel Destinations for Couples
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Privately-owned hotels have innate intimate qualities to them. As many of us will be staying home this Valentine’s Day, we can dream of planning a luxurious romantic vacation next year. Whether your client has a honeymoon to plan, an anniversary, birthday, or another special occasion, we want to highlight five of our hotel partners that