POD’s First Panel Interview Opens Up an Honest Conversation with Travel Advisors


It is unimaginable that our beloved travel business has been in a holding pattern for so long! With so much uncertainty and fear all around, we’ve all been wondering when it would end. However, during these times. I did my best to remain positive and find the silver lining in the lock down; afterall, I was finally able to enjoy my new apartment being unable to travel as per usual! So, after seven long months of navigating this new ever-changing world of travel, I felt that things were starting to turn around — but I could sense that many advisors were still stuck, and hesitant to connect with clients, or market to inspire them. Something had to be done…I felt a desire to give back to the industry that has brought me so much joy.

I proceeded to plan for an expert panel interview and discussion with a wonderful group of trusted industry friends, all of whom have positive, can-do attitudes from CIRE Travel, Boca Express Travel, EMBARK Beyond and First in Service. We wanted to share inspiration from these experts who were finding creative ways to move travel forward.

This incredibly inspiring group shared personal stories about their successes and failures, how they pivoted their businesses, overcame fear, how they were able to move on and see results. We could not be more thrilled to share it with you. If you are like us, we’ve been more vulnerable than ever, and this discussion boosted our spirits and reminded us of why we do what we do. Our love of the travel industry is eternal, and through good times and bad, we are all here for one another!

We graciously thank Roe Naccache from Boca Express Travel, Eric Hrubant from CIRE Travel, Jack Ezon from EMBARK Beyond and Fernando Gonzalez from F1rst In Service for their time and a very insightful discussion. Not only are they clients but they have become trusted friends!

Stay tuned for our next panel webinar! Let us know what topic you would like to see us discuss!