Back on the Road Again


How wonderful it was to be back on the road!

After almost five months of stagnation, spending time by the beach and the ocean was so relaxing and freeing! As the end of summer was approaching, I wanted to get away and spend time with my daughters, so we planned a little road trip to the very southern tip of New Jersey.

Cape May is a picture- perfect beach town with a charming town center renowned for its beautifully restored, colorfully painted Victorian homes — and of course shopping and dining. It was fairly busy, yet thankfully most visitors and staff in business establishments were respecting the mask-wearing mandate! We felt safe, especially because so much of what we’re doing was outdoors.

We stayed at a boutique hotel/B&B, and the service was not what we might be used to, but nonetheless, it was great fun to be away and traveling again. In speaking with the staff, I learned that finding staff to do housekeeping, was tough, therefore, they only had one housekeeper for 14 rooms. That meant that the management were also helping with housekeeping. I have a feeling that this is happening across the industry, as hospitality is all about taking care of the guest/client in whatever way possible! This impacted requesting a late checkout, as due to COVID, it would take longer to make the rooms and that they needed the time to prepare for the next guests.

While the level of service could have been a little more crisp, and we did have a few disappointments, we chalked it up to COVID and just felt thankful for being able to take a mini vacation and get to spend quality time together. The best meal we had was at A Ca Mia on the mall. Truly wonderful service and cuisine! I must say I was pleasantly surprised by just how many people were traveling and staying in hotels/B&Bs.

We know people really want to feel back to normal, and travel is such a big part of that… We have every confidence that people are ready to travel overseas and some are already traveling. We ourselves, just can’t wait!

Where have you gone this summer?

Let us know in the comments what your travel experience was like!