Covering India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, Vilasita is a luxury DMC with a team of seasoned storytellers, dream weavers, and travel experts. Born out of the established parent company, Sita India, Vilāsita (विलासिता) embodies luxury travel, crafting personalized itineraries that are never off-the-rack.

Travel is at the core of who Vilasita is. With over six decades of being one of the most decorated names in travel within the Indian subcontinent, they have achieved numerous milestones, providing deep, enriching travel encounters that are both memorable and transformative. Their team travels extensively each year, delving deep into the remote corners of the region, uncovering authentic local experiences, finding hidden gems, and sampling the best activities.

Key Selling Points

  • Well respected and established in the travel industry with a trusted parent company
  • Privileged access to hidden gems and behind-the-scenes insights
  • Exceptional attention to detail and commitment to ensuring top-notch client experience
  • Specializes in sustainable luxury, supporting local initiatives and communities
  • Uncovers the region’s best-kept secrets and aims to surprise and delight in every itinerary
  • Samples the best activities, ensuring first-hand experience for everything they recommend for clients

What makes Vilāsita different?

With a legacy spanning over six decades, Vilasita are trusted experts, cultivating enduring relationships and exclusive contacts to curate unforgettable travel experiences tailored to your client’s every desire. They specialize in delivering unparalleled luxury, exceeding expectations with personalized service, bespoke details, and surprises that elevate every moment of the journey.

Insider Tip

Traveling to the Indian subcontinent can be a whirlwind of experiences—overwhelming yet exhilarating it can be a true sensory overload! For first-time visitors, navigating its vibrant chaos can sometimes leave you feeling a bit bewildered, but fear not! Embrace the confusion with a dash of humor and enjoy the ride. From bustling markets to serene temples, every corner offers a slice of the region’s rich tapestry. Pack your curiosity and a hearty sense of humor—because in India, the journey is as unforgettable as the destinations themselves.

What are Vilāsita’s Most Loved Luxury Tours?

  • Rajasthan in Style: This journey offers an amazingly stylish North India experience. Travel through Rajasthan staying in some of the privately owned properties by the erstwhile aristocracy lending them trademark sophistication and a traditional warm Rajput hospitality. Extend your journey to Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for the sublime ruins of the city of Vijayanagara, the erstwhile capital of the glorious and prosperous Vijayanagara Empire.
  • The Forbidden Kingdom: Mustang, often referred to as the ‘Forbidden Kingdom’ has captivated wanderers with its untouched cultural heritage and awe-inspiring landscapes. Here, time seems to stand still allowing you to step into a bygone era. Enjoy an enriching journey into a land home to ancient monasteries, medieval villages, and distinctive Tibetan-influenced traditions that await your explorations.
  • Spice Odyssey: Explore Kerala’s enchanting diversity, from emerald paddy fields and coconut groves swaying in the breeze to the rolling tea plantations of Munnar. Begin in Kochi, a blend of colonial charm and bustling markets. Journey to misty Munnar for breathtaking tea plantation vistas, then discover Thekkady’s lush landscapes and wildlife at Periyar National Park. Experience Kumarakom’s tranquil backwaters and the serenity of its inland waters. Conclude amidst Marari’s pristine beaches, where palm trees frame peaceful seascapes.
  • A Place Called Happiness: Nestled in the arms of the mighty Himalayas, this tiny Buddhist Kingdom is often referred to as the ‘Abode of the Gods’ or ‘Home to the Immortals’. Visit some of the finest ancient fortresses and monasteries of the country. Immerse in the myth and legend that permeates the land and delight in the forest of blue pine, fir, oak, and rhododendron. Look out over spectacular panoramas of the Himalayas with fluttering prayer flags dotted across the landscape.
  • The Big Cats: Set out on an exhilarating odyssey tailored for wildlife enthusiasts, where the promise of encountering India’s three majestic big cats – tigers, leopards, and lions – hangs in the air. As you traverse the rustic hinterlands of western India, this meticulously crafted itinerary reveals hidden gems of wilderness. Imagine Ranthambore’s undulating hills, their contours embracing picturesque meadows, juxtaposed against Gir’s rugged ridges, solitary plateaus, and verdant valleys. Meanwhile, Jawai’s vast expanse invites exploration among ancient craggy hills, windswept grasslands, and the meandering sands of its riverbeds.
  • Abode of the Gods: Nepal, with its ancient monasteries and temples, lies in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas and borders India and Tibet. It’s simple hill folk practice Hinduism and Buddhism. The beautiful terrain provides ample opportunity for trekking, river rafting, bird-watching and wildlife safaris, to relax or just take in the fresh mountain air. In this itinerary, we have tried to showcase a bit of all. The choice of locations cover much of this fascinating land, and the accommodation is the best available in the country.

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