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Spain is a country filled with incredible craftsmanship – from handbags to shoes, to the music, food and architecture. Spain Inside embodies this with every itinerary they design for their clients looking to explore Spain in a completely new way. The expertise and attention to detail is what sets them apart–no itinerary is ever used twice! CEO Jesus Molina believes that knowledge is the key ingredient to craft the perfect experience, and the team prides itself on being innovative, flexible, and empathetic to the needs and desires of their clients. Spain Inside was created in 2013 with the goal of immersing tourists in local regional festivities. With Spain Inside, tourists experience exactly what the locals experience. You will become part of the destination itself, not just seeing things from the outside. This new concept of tourism was awarded “New Business Ideas 2015” by La Caixa Bank and Fundeun Foundation.

Key Selling Points

  • Specialize in combining Spain landmarks with unique luxury travel experiences, mostly unknown to the general public
  • Team has years of travel experiences and established relationships with locals from all four corners of Spain
  • Dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind itineraries for each client
  • Flexible and tailored to groups of all sizes and activity preference

What Makes Spain Inside Different?

  • They are specialists in the details, and in those discerning travelers who want to go beyond the surface level of travel
  • As a boutique company, Spain Inside can adapt and adjust to their partners on the ground and their clients, allowing them to remain flexible to any last-minute changes
  • Their team builds and sustains close relationships with their partners whether they be guides, drivers, behind the scenes experiences, curated accommodations, or local communities to seamlessly operate on the ground
  • Authentic and tailor-made itineraries and travel experiences from beginning to end by a trusted specialist in Spain
  • Their research team is always on the cutting edge of the latest news, trends, and travel opportunities throughout Spain

Insider Tip

Among their selected experiences, some are awarded for their uniqueness worldwide! Let them know the passions of your travelers, and they will surprise them as they never would have imagined. Spain Inside was born innovating, and they will never cease to have innovation in every single project.

In Spain, There’s a Region for Everything!

  • Central Spain – A region with a vast and most enjoyable cultural heritage, ideal to immerse yourself in the country’s history or to get to know its capital in depth. A place to satisfy all travelers passionate about art, gastronomy, culture, and shopping
  • Mediterranean Coast – The essence of the Mediterranean combined with beautiful fishing villages full of traditions and unique attractions, the incredible city of Barcelona, an enviable climate and cuisine to taste from north to south
  • Northern Spain – A gift to enjoy with all the senses. The birthplace of pintxos, a place of passage for pilgrims, pure nature, its cuisine based on the most authentic produce, or its hospitable people
  • The Islands – Two magical paradises to discover: the best climate in the country and an attractive and varied range of possibilities, from outdoor adventures to the most unbridled leisure, passing through the uniqueness of their cultures and hidden corners to relax
  • Inland Areas – Away from the coast, away from the crowds, a land of beautiful landscapes, hectares full of crafts and birthplace of some of Spain’s excellent wines. The place where their old traditions are preserved in the best way

Spain Inside’s Most Loved Luxury Tours

  • Exclusive access to World Heritage Sites – Discover outstanding monuments accentuated by unique atmosphere when enjoyed behind closed doors
  • Insider access experiences – The most authentic way to experience Spain is through its main characters. Immerse in the local workshops and workplaces, residents homes, and see their life from the most intimate perspective
  • Gastronomy focus – The Basque Country and pintxos, Andalusia and tapas, the tastes of the Mediterranean coast, the incredible meats from the north and Castilla — there is haute cuisine in every corner, and endless itineraries to taste Spain
  • Immense culture and eternal history – The country does not change, but the people who interpret it for you do. Trust in the best hosts is the only way to build memorable experiences for travelers

How has Spain Inside Gone Above and Beyond?

From the beginning, Spain Inside was created with the aim of immersing tourists in local regional festivities. With Spain Inside, tourists experience the same things as what the locals experience. Breaking with traditional tourism by becoming part of the destination, and not just seeing things from the outside. Over the years they have maintained that spirit, that idea of going further in each itinerary or travel experience that they build for the most discerning travelers.

Spain Inside

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" I had the privilege of working with Spain Inside for two of my most favorite and best clients. I worked with Carlos who put together an amazing trip for them. Everything they included was everything my clients wanted. Nothing was missed. It is a joy to find a company who knows their product as well as Spain Inside knows theirs. I am happy to recommend them to your finest, best clients with any budgets. Don’t hesitate to use Spain Inside, they are easy to work with and happily make any adjustments required. "

-Iris Citron, Alice Travel Worldwide
"Between the itinerary design that provides driver/guide contact details and specifics that I don't have to research on my own (address, point-to-point directions) for my clients, to the care that my travelers receive during their journey (communication with 'on the ground' employees via a messaging platform), I feel 100% comfortable not leaving my ringer on during my sleeping hours confident that they are in the best of hands with folks at Spain Inside. Thank you for the partnership and for giving me peace of mind when I need it most."

-Lindsay Feinberg, Belle Voyages