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Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the world and the gateway to Europe from the West. Its location at the crossing point between the Eastern Coast of the American continent, Europe, and Africa, along with its cultural and environmental diversity are key features that make this country “by the sea” an exceptional destination. Portuguese Ways is a family-owned DMC specializing in tailor-made, experiential luxury travel around Portugal’s culture, history, traditions and natural landscape, unveiling the unique aspects of the Portuguese identity. The Portuguese Ways journeys are designed to become an experience of knowledge, human value, and sharing. Pedro Quaresma and Maria José are the visible faces in front of a passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated team, whom all share a deep love and common goal of sharing the very best of Portugal.

Key Selling Points

  • Team is passionate about sharing authentic Portuguese traditions, culture and history
  • Experts in planning and executing itineraries that focus on the clients interests and expectations
  • Specializes in experiential and sustainable travel
  • Every itinerary is tailor-made and private
  • Team has a solid network of trusted partners on the ground throughout the country
  • Bird´s eye view concierge service

What Makes Portuguese Ways Different?

In 2010, Pedro joined Portuguese Ways, which was founded by his dear wife Maria José in 2008. Having worked in television production and the performing arts, Pedro had travelled throughout Portugal extensively. It seemed obvious to him that his mission was to tell a story to their future clients. A story based on a narrative about the historical richness, cultural diversity, and traditions embodied by an exciting people, and unique landscape. As a team of native Portuguese residents, Portuguese Ways crafts itineraries that will bring clients to off-the-beaten-path gems run by family-owned businesses just like themselves. When you work with Portuguese Ways, you can be rest assured that every element of the journey will help support local community members.

Portuguese Ways Most Loved Luxury Tours

  • Lisbon Pastel de Nata Workshop – Learn the baking secrets of Portugal´s most famous pastry.
  • Tile Painting Workshop – One of the strongest expressions of the Portuguese culture and one of the most original contributions of the Portuguese genius to universal culture.
  • Tram & Fado – a Fado singer and guitar player set the tone for the most beautiful and powerful soundtrack to present you Lisbon of old times intertwined with modern times.
  • Alentejo Dark Sky Stargazing – the sky is yours to contemplate in the unique setting of the great lake Alqueva, a starlight destination that allows you to look up above and be marvelled by what the universe has to offer.
  • Algarve Fisherman´s Hiking Trail – a walk on a mantle of green, in a region with a unique diversity of species, with the sea always waving in the distance and the carved rocks that show the unmistakable passage of time over the years.
  • Douro Valley Enologist for a Day – Surrounded by terraced hillside vineyards and the river at your feet, learn about the secular traditions of the wine and create your own nectar to take home with you.
  • Azores Pico Island Whale Watching – the sea is yours to discover, on this enthralling journey that shows you dolphins, whales and other ocean-dwelling species, protected by the gaze of the splendorous Pico Mountain.
  • Porto Food Tour – Discover downtown Porto through its flavors, its places and its people.

How Has Portuguese Ways Gone Above & Beyond?

When we received the request for grape stomping for October in the Douro Valley, the first thought was “Are you serious?” The harvest season in the Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and home of the famous Port wine, occurs during the month of September. By October, it is over. Once the client told us that this was meant to be a special surprise birthday gift for her husband – he had the dream of stomping grapes – everything changed. Reflecting the values of a strong partnership with our partners on the ground there, we were able to store the grapes in a controlled environment until the client´s arrival in the Douro Valley, in October. After the experience later that day, the photos we received from the client really paid off! They were delighted and we were humbled to have made this dream come true.

Portuguese Ways
Pedro Quaresma
Rua Alexandre Herculano n 14, 5 Esq.
2805-067 Almada
Ph: +351 212 746 090
Email: pedroquaresma@portugueseways.com
Website: www.portugueseways.com/en/home

" Each experience has outdone the last! It’s been phenomenal! Absolutely outstanding! Let me just say I would not only recommend your travel services to my friends, I would say that you haven’t really experienced Portugal until you savor the senses of a curated tour! So many people show up and meander around without a clue! Thank you so much, we truly feel the pride of Portugal in the guides and experiences you’ve chosen! "

-Client & husband (USA)
" As a travel planner, I have worked with the Portuguese Ways team for several years. They are definitely my “go to” provider in Portugal. Not only are they responsive, thorough, and professional – they are truly interested in providing a personalized and unique itinerary for all of my clients. They are experts in all areas of the country and shine especially when providing bespoke/special interest experiences to make sure the trip meets all expectations (and then some!) I had the pleasure of visiting Portugal and experiencing the amazing level of service from Portuguese Ways this last September. The team helped to plan and execute a trip filled with incredible hotels, customized tours, wonderfully educated and passionate guides, and amazing drivers. The country came to life with introductions to Portuguese history, food, and locales – I was so impressed by the energy and passion demonstrated by all of the people we interacted with each day. I can’t wait to return! "

-Mrs. Susan Robinson, Travel Advisor
"Pedro is a very unique partner in the world of DMCs. Portuguese Ways is among the most responsive, proactive and creative resources in our industry. Their itineraries are thoughtful and rarely repetitive. The dining suggestions are superb, and vary between casual and gastronomic. I love their ability to really “read the client” and respond and react accordingly. The guides we have worked with in Portugal are extraordinary, and definitely make a HUGE difference in the overall journey. I would be happy to provide more specific feedback to any agent in need of more specific details!"

-Meredith Broder, Luxury Travel Designer