GOAT (Go-On-A-Trip) is a full-service luxury DMC that offers personalized attention and care to clients looking to explore Argentina as well as Chile, & Uruguay. Founded by Eugenia Rosas and Gabriel Perez, the two are involved in ensuring each itinerary is as unique and special as the client. Their rich knowledge and background from working in Five-Star hotels and well respected DMCs over the last two decades make GOAT DMC a go-to when planning to travel around South America. Based in Argentina, GOAT DMC offers multi-destination experiences between their three countries and all of their diverse and incredible destinations within.  

Key Selling Points

  • 24/7 Service: From the moment clients arrive to the moment they depart, GOAT is always in touch and available to assist with whatever they need or desire.  
  • Exclusive and Luxury Services: Attention to detail and personalized service make all the difference.
  • Knowledge & Experience: Their advice is full of insight and inspiration, carefully curated to suit every traveler.
  • Technology & Innovation: They have pioneered new horizons with an innovative approach to executing top-notch services.
  • Get to Know You: Clients are not just a number on a spreadsheet, they are friends that are cared for long after the trip ends.

What Makes GOAT DMC Different?

Both owners are involved in building every single itinerary. Your client gets to experience each stage of building a tailor-made program specifically around their needs and interests. The GOAT team will personally vet every aspect of the itinerary and ensure your client is taken care of from the moment they arrive to the moment they depart.

GOAT DMC’s Most Loved Luxury Tours

  • Wine Tasting in Mendoza: Mendoza is renowned for its world-class vineyards and wineries. You can indulge in luxurious wine tastings, stay at upscale vineyard resorts, and even participate in private tours and tastings led by sommeliers.
  • Andes Mountain Range: Indulge in an extraordinary experience as you luxuriate in an exclusive estancia nestled amidst the breathtaking Andes, encompassed by pristine lakes.
  • Estancia Stay in the Pampas: Experience the luxurious lifestyle of an Argentine ranch by staying at an estancia (ranch) in the Pampas region. Enjoy horseback riding, gourmet meals, spa treatments, and indulge in the traditional gaucho culture.
  • Private Polo Lessons: Argentina is famous for its passion for polo. You can take private polo lessons with professional players in exclusive polo clubs near Buenos Aires. Enjoy the thrill of the sport and learn from the experts.
  • Helicopter Tour of Iguazu Falls: Witness the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls from a unique perspective by taking a private helicopter tour. Soar above the falls and get a bird’s-eye view of one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world.
  • Luxury Patagonian Adventure: Explore the stunning landscapes of Patagonia in style. Stay at luxury lodges nestled amidst breathtaking scenery, take private guided hikes to glaciers and mountains, and embark on exclusive wildlife viewing excursions.
  • Tango Experience in Buenos Aires: Immerse yourself in the seductive world of tango in Buenos Aires. Attend a private tango lesson, enjoy a gourmet dinner at a high-end tango house, and witness an intimate tango performance by world-class dancers.
  • Exclusive Wildlife Safari in the Iberá Wetlands: Discover the wildlife-rich Iberá Wetlands in northern Argentina on an exclusive safari experience. Stay at luxury eco-lodges, embark on guided boat tours to spot rare species like jaguars and capybaras, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the wetlands.
  • Private Yacht Charter in the Lake District: The Lake District in Argentina offers stunning lakes surrounded by mountains and forests. Rent a private yacht and explore the lakes at your leisure, enjoying gourmet meals onboard and taking in the picturesque scenery.

Insider Tip

South America is enjoyable “all-year-round” but from October through April is really the best time to come. Being in almost the same time zone as the eastern coast of the USA makes it very easy to arrive on any daily overnight flight. All destinations within South America are very easily connected with short flights between 1.5 hours and 3 hours long.

How has GOAT DMC Gone Above & Beyond?

There was culinary experience that a VIP client had in their program and for some reason, the restaurant closed — and it was the best and almost only option in the remote location. The GOAT team traveled to the destination at their own cost to find and show a new place to their client and re-arranged the entire itinerary around the region to ensure they were happy.

Eugenia Rosas, Founder & Managing Director
Francisco Drumond 140, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ph: +54 9 11 6053 5961
Email: eugenia@goat.travel
Website: www.goat.travel

" Working with the team at GOAT was an amazing experience start to finish. They were quick to respond and help to guide myself through picking the perfect locations based on what my clients were looking for. Some of my clients had terrible flight cancellations causing their entire itinerary to be affected. Their teams quickly and efficiently worked to manage these cancellations and change the itinerary so the clients had the best outcome possible. I would highly recommend working with their team for any needs! "

-Emily Lutz, Lutz Travel
" I’ve had the pleasure of working with Euge and her company and it’s been a great experience. Their professionalism and attention to detail from the moment we started organizing the trip to the day we left, were impeccable. Euge’s guidance and company during the trip were crucial to the success of the program. I’m very happy I had the chance of working with GOAT DMC and look forward to organizing a new trip with them in the near future. "

-Cecilia Benenati, Travel Agent.