Bhutan Tourism

Discover the land of the Thunder Dragon in the Eastern Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan. This peaceful Buddhist nation embodies deeply ingrained values of compassion, inclusivity, and hospitality, and has always been a mecca for spiritual tourism. Bhutan has existed undisturbed for centuries, allowing unique traditions and ways of life to flourish. Today, they are focused on the future, investing in education, technology and infrastructure to support global tourism. Bhutan offers incredible experiences for body and soul, often simultaneously. Over 70% of Bhutan is covered in pristine woodland, helping biodiversity thrive, and providing endless opportunities for adventure. From strenuous hikes or white-water rafting, to hot-stone bathing, mountain biking or meditation – the choices are as varied as the terrain.

Key Selling Points

  • Year-round destination with activities and festivals throughout fall, winter, spring and summer
  • Known for its monasteries, fortresses (or dzongs) and dramatic landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys
  • Peaceful Buddhist kingdom with unique, plant-based cuisine
  • Over 400 varieties of mushrooms including matsutake and cordyceps make it an incredible foraging destination
  • Living cultural museum: Bhutan’s blend of history, culture and environment are strongly linked, making it one of the few destinations where people and nature exist in harmony
  • Commitment to sustainable tourism through conservation, environmentally-friendly practices and ecotourism

What Makes Bhutan Different?

Bhutan has never been conquered by any other nation, making Bhutanese people, culture, festivals, and cuisine incredibly unique. With a rich tapestry of ethnicities across the kingdom, all are proudly Bhutanese. You’ll meet Tshanglas in the east, Ngalops in the west and Lhotshampas in the fertile foothills of the south, as well as Bumthaps and Khengpas, Brokpas and Bramis, Kurtoeps, Doyas and Monpas. Nineteen languages are spoken here, including English. Not only are the languages varied, so too are the activities you can experience in Bhutan. The country’s pristine landscapes, dramatic mountains, and rich biodiversity provide a stunning backdrop for various adventurous experiences and adventures for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, while the lush forests of Bhutan offer tranquility through spiritual journeys, mushroom foraging, and archery.

Bhutan’s Most Popular Experiences

  • Art Experiences: Explore one of the cornerstones of Bhutanese identity, art. Through visiting art galleries such as VAST in Thimphu, to the Royal Textile Academy, and discover the weaving districts in eastern Bhutan that are well-known for their weaves, especially the prized kishuthara (silk kira).
  • Cultural Experiences: The culture of Bhutan is deeply rooted in its unique blend of Buddhism, traditions, and the preservation of its natural environment. Witness traditional music at a festival, learn about Vajrayana & Mahayana branches of Buddhism, and discover the national concept of Gross National Happiness, or GNH. With an emphasis on sustainable development, its four pillars are good governance, sustainable socioeconomic development, cultural preservation and environmental conservation. In Bhutan, GNH is not an abstract idea but a policy that influences development and decision-making.
  • Culinary Experiences: One of the most intriguing elements of Bhutanese culture is its gastronomy. The plant-based Bhutanese cuisine is characterized by its bold flavors and generous use of spices. Bhutanese food is often described as rich, hearty, and unique. The Bhutanese take pride in their food culture, and sharing a meal is an integral part of their hospitality and social customs. When visiting Bhutan, trying the local dishes will provide you with a unique and authentic culinary experience.

Insider Tip

When planning a visit to Bhutan, it is important to give yourself a lot of time to prepare. Guests must apply for a Visa to enter, and be sure to learn about the local festivals taking place in the country when they plan to stay. Bhutan is a four-season, year-round destination, with plenty of activities to enjoy all year round. In the summer, Indian monsoon season takes place from late June to late September, making the autumn season (late September to late November) an excellent time to visit. Autumn is characterized by bright, sunny days and some early snowfall at higher elevations. It’s the season of feasts and festivals as farmers reap the fruits of their harvest season.

Tourism Office of Bhutan
Carissa Nimah
Ph: +975 1710 1994