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Travel to India is a rite of passage for many explorers. Just mention India and you’re mentally transported to visions of lively colorful festivals, simmering spiced dishes, and rich cultural dress and customs. If these bright images were all that India had to offer, it would be enough, but the expansive and diverse country offers much much more.

Have you ever loved something so much that you wanted to share its beauty with the world? Travel Scope, managed by the incomparable Mohan Narayanaswamy, started from a place of deep love and admiration for his country and the people of India, and expanded from there. With a guiding principle of three I’s, informative, innovative, and interactive, Travel Scope not only brings you to India, but brings India to you. Constantly improving and recreating what a great tour can be, your experience will fulfill wishes that you didn’t even know that you had. Trust their guides to create a seamless, inspiring, and educational experience.

Key Selling Points

  • Curated tailor-made itineraries with thoughtfully created experiences, which are both immersive and sustainable, throughout India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bhutan
  • WATCH initiative focuses on outback activities including wildlife safaris, nature walks, treks, cycling expeditions and more
  • Commitment to a high level of engagement, service quality, and detail which helps the discerning traveler unravel the secrets of a multifaceted destination such as India
  • Charismatic team of experienced and proficient staff available for 24/7 support!
  • Well considered and safe services, with a crisis management system that creates a sense of security

What Makes Travel Scope India Different?

Travel Scope India creates long and storied relationships with everyone in their world–be them clients, or on the ground partners.

Their WATCH initiative (Wildlife, Adventure, Tribes, Conservation and Habitat), inspired by the many journeys into the wild & long hours of contemplation, sets out to do just that. WATCH is Travel Scope’s attempt to highlight India’s biodiversity & wildlife.

A WATCH journey brings the opportunity for travelers to learn about our forest dwelling communities, numerous challenges faced in protecting wildlife and conserving habitats, co-existence of humans & wildlife and the conflicts it creates. When you book a WATCH journey with Travel Scope, you are naturally supporting small enterprises & local communities in remote, lesser-visited Indian destinations.

Insider tip

Don’t be shy! Travel Scope is rooted in service, and they are most pleased when you are. As you begin to plan your journey, please be as honest and specific as possible when talking about your hopes. The more that Travel Scope knows about you, the more of you that they can put into the experience!

Travel Scope’s most loved luxury tours

Ladakh: Land of the Lamas. Explore the blurred boundaries of culture and traditions between neighboring Tibet and China. Visit Leh, Diskit, Stok, and Nimo. Some highlights include visits to ancient monasteries, rare wildlife like blue sheep and golden eagles, and driving through some of the most stunning mountain passes of Karakoram, Zanskar, and Indus ranges.

Indian Himalayas:  See the festivals of Ladakh, the houseboats of Kashmir, and explore Shimla’s British heritage. Also visit dreamy Rishikesh’s yoga ashrams and enjoy quaint village walks in Kumaon.

Golden Triangle and Beyond: A 9 day tour covering New Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Some highlights include visiting Bazaars, master home-cooked recipes, and a hot air balloon ride!

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

If you love something, you want to help it thrive! Travel Scope is a leader in many areas of sustainability and social responsibility. At every touch point, Travel Scope has been mindful of their impact. Welcome kits are sourced from local makers and vendors, water and supplies are provided in sustainable packaging, animal welfare is worked directly into the DNA of tours (mindful to focus on conservation, rather than animal service), and the wellbeing of children is always taken into account. Additionally, local partners are chosen with these ideas in mind, including a partnership with a group that trains local women to give tours as a source of income. Additionally, Mohan personally sits on the board and participates in fundraisers for organizations that benefit local children.

Travel Scope India

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" Mohan Narayanaswamy and his amazing team at Travel Scope are passionate about bringing India into the forefront of eco-sustainable, spiritual and leisure travel. I have been working with this magnificent team for many years arranging for honeymooners to play cricket with a professional team, for seasoned travelers to sail the backwaters of Kerala, and for all to consider the sights, fragrances, colors, vast variety of cultures and spirituality that are quintessential India. "

-Susan Quillin