Italy’s Best

At Italy’s Best, family is the cornerstone of everything they do. Founded by Tony Guerrieri more than 30 years ago, and currently run by his two sons Luca and Lorenzo, you could say that great service is the family secret. Luca and Lorenzo believe that every client’s vacation should be as unique as they are! Whether clients are looking to spend the perfect weekend in Rome, or planning a grand Italian holiday, it’s easy to experience a taste of La Dolce Vita. Parents traveling with their kids are in for a special treat, since they specialize in kids activities as well. Italy’s Best puts an emphasis on individually designing each and every tour around the client, so you can rest assured that the itinerary is built just for you!

Key Selling Points

  • For over 30 years Italy’s Best has been delighting visitors and curating relationships with a diverse network of suppliers to serve clients at every level
  • Each private tour is tailored to clients’ individual interests. You book your hotels, and they take care of the rest!
  • Dedicated to providing unparalleled service and destination knowledge, all delivered with the utmost attention to detail
  • For a family trip, you can’t expect better service! Luca and Lorenzo keep a list of tours and activities especially suited for kids of all ages. Tours include gelato making, treasure hunts, and mask making! They guarantee that your kid will never ask “are we done yet?”

What Makes Italy’s Best Different?

  • Italy’s best is family-run, meaning that they build and sustain close relationships with their partners whether it be guides, drivers or behind–the-scenes experiences
  • Their research team is always on the cutting edge regarding the latest news, trends, and travel opportunities throughout Italy
  • Italy’s Best team visit the restaurants, wineries, and activities, as well as meet the tour guides in order to seamlessly operate on the ground
  • Lastly, when the itinerary is finalized, they remain flexible to any last-minute changes

Insider Tip

While they provide exceptional itineraries throughout Italy, Rome is where they truly shine! The ultimate insiders, Luca and Lorenzo come from a generations-old Roman family. Let them use their deep knowledge and extensive network to provide exclusive experiences for your journey.

In Italy, There’s a Season for Everything!

  • Spring comes early, and is the ideal time to explore the famed cities of Italy and enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate and fewer crowds
  • Summertime means the beach, whether it’s a pebbly strip beside lake waters or a rocky coastline
  • July and August have many festivals like Lucca’s Puccini Opera Festival and Verona’s Roman Amphitheater
  • Autumn is the time of harvest with a multitude of food festivals to celebrate the abundance
  • Christmas is always special in Italy with churches and piazzas adorned with elaborate nativity scenes and traditional Christmas markets

Italy’s Best’s Most Loved Luxury Tours

  • Tour of Ancient Rome From a Private Vantage Point – After touring the Colosseum and the Roman Forum with a professional guide, clients enjoy a private access tour away from the heat and crowds from a secluded private vantage point. Even the children love to people-watch from high above the ruins.
  • Amalfi Coast Boat Tour – A private boat tour along the Amalfi Coast and Capri with an expert English-speaking captain lets clients enjoy the area highlights away from the crowds. The boats are hand-selected to suit each client’s needs and can include amenities and fresh fruit aboard. Moreover, guests who love to swim can experience the pristine waters of the Meditteranean.
  • The Artisans of Florence – We celebrate the artisans of the past and present as we explore the hidden workshops of the Oltrarno neighborhood. Here is where hand-crafted artisanal goods have been produced for over 500 years. Guests love to explore the many ateliers of leatherworks, silversmiths, shoe manufacturers, fashion, millinery crafts and high-quality Made in Italy.

How has Italy’s Best Gone Above and Beyond?

  • Surprise at the Colosseum – A family visiting Rome for the first time brought their little daughter, who we discovered was obsessed with the Colosseum because a Scooby Doo episode featuring the site had just premiered. To make her dreams come true, we arranged for an actor to dress up as Scooby Doo and greet her and her family at the Colosseum for the tour.  The family was thrilled to have had such an unexpected and unforgettable experience!

Italy’s Best

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