Insider Sicily

Insider Sicily is a boutique luxury DMC specializing in creating bespoke experiences in the land of myths and legends: the Island of Sicily. Their custom itineraries for individuals and small groups are designed for clients who are curious and interested in going beyond the monuments. They are looking for stories, a sense of belonging, and authentic experiences. From private helicopter rides to spending time with family, time in nature, or with their toes in the sand, Insider Sicily ensures that their clients get the most satisfaction from their beloved home.

Key Selling Points

  • Creates tailor-made, high quality itineraries for VIP clientele
  • Network of local partners for each area of Sicily
  • VIP access to unique places not known or easily accessible to the public
  • Memorable experiences such as helicopter tours, cooking experiences, shopping tours & art retreats
  • Able to provide unparalleled access to the real, authentic, and untouched Sicilian gems
  • Dedicated team of travel experts continuously nurture relationships with Sicilian partners and suppliers
  • Delivers personalized care and 24/7 access throughout their clients’ trip

What Makes Insider Sicily Different?

Insider Sicily was born out of the love of two journalists who realized how much they missed Sicily after studying and working outside of their beautiful island. They returned with a mission to make a change and started a foundation that would give back to the Sicilian people. Every year, they create a cultural festival that opens up venues that are usually not accessible to the public. Together with the expertise of Laura Massoni, a veteran in the travel industry and and a born and raised Italian, they started Insider Sicily, a boutique DMC that is dedicated to preserving and promoting Sicily’s cultural and artistic heritage. It was Laura’s vision to share her beloved Sicily with the world and give people the priceless gift of experiencing the Sicilian way of life. Insider Sicily offers unique and authentic luxury experiences with exceptional personalized care for each itinerary. The team personally vets each day’s inclusions. From welcoming drivers, to scholarly guides, masterful chefs and lovable nonnas, clients gain access to Sicily’s most soulful experiences.

Insider Tip

Traveling off-season is desirable; spring and fall are the best seasons to visit Sicily. Without large crowds, spend time taking leisurely walks, tasting local food and wine with locals, and experiencing a more authentic experience all around!

Insider Sicily’s Most Loved Luxury Tours

  • Sicily’s Ancient Culture & Tradition: Art, ancient culture, nature, excellent wines, and breathtaking scenery providing experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Sicily’s Countryside, the People and the Places: A journey to discover what makes Sicily so unique: its wild nature, incredible cuisine, cultural heritage, and most of all, Sicilian people!
  • Savoring Sicily: A proper introduction to real and authentic Sicilian gastronomic heritage. Discover the island’s culinary traditions while visiting some of the best cultural spots and incredible natural scenery.
  • The Sicanian Famiata: Feel a sense of community with a day spent in total relaxation and joy while preparing, chatting, drinking, and enjoying good Sicanian food and wine around the wood oven.
  • Sicilian Nobility & the Belle Epoque: Explore the history of the upper class that helped shaped the land and history of the region.

How Has Insider Sicily Gone Above & Beyond?

We take care of clients’ concierge needs throughout their journey — before and during the trip. We have helped our clients in a variety of situations. For example, we had clients ask us to book all of the restaurant reservations for a trip that went over 21 days. We have had clients forgetting their money and passports in the hotel’s safe, and we helped them to retrieve them. Once, a client got a flat tire in the Sicilian countryside, and one of our guides went to meet them and made them arrive safely at their destination.

Contact Information:
Giulio Forlani, Business Development Manager, Insider Sicily
office: +39.091.7934451 |  mobile: +39.339.7910819

" We had a wonderful experience with Insider Sicily. The transfers, drivers, and guides were all top-notch. I have only good things to say! The dinner in Palermo was a huge favorite- an evening to remember for sure! We loved the day trip to Monreale, and the driver was so helpful with lunch reservations. The four that did the Sicani day raved about their guide! "

-Client of Insider Sicily