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Deluxe Drivers, France

Deluxe Drivers, France Deluxe Drivers has developed top-level travel and transportation experiences throughout France, offering you the most attractive destinations: Paris, Provence, Riviera, Normandy, Loire Valley, Champagne, and Bourgogne. Created in 2003, and member of Passages of Distinction since 2007, Deluxe Drivers is highly experienced with upmarket US clientele. “Our mission is to exceed every client’s expectation.” As a partner, Deluxe is always trying “to go the extra mile” to continually strengthen the ties and improve its professional partnerships. Different from many on site operators who only hire external service suppliers, Deluxe Drivers handles every transfer and tour in the Paris, Provence and French Riviera regions.

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Israel My Way

Founded in 2007, Israel My Way designs and operates customized tours for groups, families, individuals, and business people alike to discover this beautiful country in their own time, at their own pace, and in their own style. There is no such thing as an “off the shelf” package; each tour is extensively researched, and created to meet all of the client’s needs and desires. We arrange visits to all of the iconic sites Israel has to offer, as well as go beyond the ordinary sightseeing and include some of the clandestine locations that enhance the cultural and heritage experience of visiting this historic country. Whether you’re visiting the country for an event such as a wedding, a religious journey (Christian or Jewish), Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or wish to create a unique passage with an extension to Jordan, Israel My Way’s detailed approach and expert tour guides will provide an experience you will never forget.

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Taj Mahal

Travel Scope India

Travel Scope India Pvt. Ltd. is a boutique tour operator, which specialises in custom travel to South Asia with best travel deals India. One of the things that the team at Travel Scope does best is to take a client’s specific interest or passion and weave it into an India travel packages within the subcontinent. From photographing the tiger in Central India, to exploring the rain forests of Sri Lanka, bicycling through the Thar Desert, or partaking in a yoga retreat in the Himalayas, Travel Scope will custom design the client’s travel experience within the Indian subcontinent.

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Boutique Journeys of Europe

Boutique Journeys of Europe (formerly Mosaic Journeys) presents an exciting new vision of travel, designed by its passionate and knowledgeable founders, while delivering the finest in customized travel to Central & Eastern Europe.  Boutique Journeys has been arranging exclusive and customized travel for the past ten years, constantly striving to showcase all the developments in the area, while maintaining and promoting an understanding of its rich history.

“Our primary focus at Boutique Journeys is to provide the highest level of  custom-tailored service – service that leads to unsurpassed experiences of comfort, style, and the ease of mind that comes with knowing that all the details are taken care of. Our local knowledge ensures that our programs will match each traveler’s unique wishes and preferences. Boutique  Journeys services range from privately guided day trips to exclusive access visits to intricate multi-country journeys. We offer accommodations at exclusive hotels,  boutique hotels, charming family-owned inns, and luxury resorts.”

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Privilege Italia

Privilege Italia is a DCM that specializes in Concierge Services that deliver the most exclusive Italian experiences to visitors who are looking for a unique tailor-made journey in the “Bel Paese”…

The Mission of Privilege Italia is to establish the company as a national brand leader in the Incoming Market. Our ultimate goal is to offer our clientele a diverse selection of exclusive and bespoke experiences that will create the most unique and authentic memories that an Italian vacation could deliver.

About the founders:  Mario and Francesco Staiano, two cousins who have spent their life in the travel industry. The family business, has spanned over 50 years and three generations, it is easy to say that tourism is in their blood.  Privilege Italia was born from the idea of making tourism in Italy not only a way to visit this amazing country but above all to give our guests an unforgettable experience. To let them fully identify themselves with this experience.

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