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A Trip of a Lifetime

By Sari Freeman

Israel, to my surprise, was far more fascinating than I ever expected. While I had heard this many times, it wasn’t until I visited myself, that I really got it. Something I learned quite some time ago, was that the difference between a good trip and a “trip of a lifetime” is the expertise of the operator/guide. I had experienced the best possible exposure to Israel that I could have ever imagined. The sites, the history, cultures were amazing and inspiring, yet it was the people to whom they introduced us that made the greatest impact on me.

Join us on Israel My Way’s trip of a lifetime as it was orchestrated for my first trip to Israel.

We had a group of seasoned owners, independents, and managers, all of whom had traveled extensively around the world. The trip started out with what looked like a wonderful itinerary, but what unfolded, was nothing less than magic. It was the people we met and homes to which Yoav took us that made the entire journey a spiritual and an intimate one, rather than just a view from the outside.

Eric, our fearless leader, who led our entire 6-day trip, has a knack for reaching out to anyone on the street to find a spontaneous interaction that could touch us all. One of the most moving experiences I had was when we were by the Jordan River baptismal site and a lady who was soaking wet (obviously she was just baptized) walked by. Eric stopped her to ask her about her experience. She completely burst into tears while telling us about her family and personal struggles. She had come to this spiritual place fora  purpose. She felt blessed and was completely elated.

Israel - The sights, flavors, sounds, experiences were extraordinary. The people's relationships were the keys.

Joyce StriarProtravel International

From outstanding hotels in the cities and countryside to awesome activities like a cross country helicopter ride and a walk through a Roman storm drain this has been an amazing adventure. And yet, there is so much more I'd like to experience here! I'll be back!

Damian McCabeMcCabe World Travel

Really enjoyed taking a graffiti tour of the Florentine neighborhood with Shir'el, a wonderfully passionate ambassador for Tel Aviv.

Angela BurnsStrong Travel

On our first day, as we were walking around the beautiful, diverse, Old Jerusalem, we worked our way through the market and narrow streets. Eric found us a spot from which we had an outstanding vantage point. From a roof top, we experienced the full view of the Dome of the Rock to which so many people were walking during the call to prayer, and the Western Wall, where you could see the Jewish people praying. It was unbelievable. It was remarkable. It was mesmerizing.

There was a peace that I felt during and after I left Israel. We met so many wonderful, truly spiritual people who seemed so very much at peace with themselves. They seemed so happy with what they were doing. Yoav and Eric introduced us to some incredible women, who were strong yet vulnerable and incredible at what they did.

Sari and group at Palms

Passages Education Vacation to The Shore Club and The Palms

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The Shore Club is a “Wow”!

By Sari Freeman

I couldn’t wait to get back to fully experience the Shore Club!  I had been down, in October, to do a hard hat tour. The rooms were already complete, at that time, and truly stunning, but the public spaces were still under construction and hard to imagine how they might turn out!  I knew they had to be spectacular, since the rooms were.  At that time, I fell in love, but, seeing it fully operational was oh so impressive!

I knew it would be a “wow” but it was even more awe inspiring, in ways, than I expected! We were able to put together a great group of travel professionals to bring down to experience the resort along with its sister The Palms!

The lobby is grand yet still very elegant and doesn’t feel overwhelming or cold.  The Sui-Ren restaurant is gorgeous, with its huge lily-shaped metal design work on the ceiling and rich woodwork that adds the perfect dose of warmth. But the Colonnade pool with the cabanas and swings were the biggest surprise! Under construction, I could not imagine how inviting and somehow intimate it would turn out. It is picture perfect!

The suites at this resort are outstanding! The junior Suites are wonderful, beautifully appointed and spacious but the penthouses are magnificent! They are so open and airy, with huge balconies that act as full outdoor living rooms!  They come in 3 bedroom, 6 bedroom options and some that can even connect up to 9 bedrooms. Talk about heaven for an upmarket inter generational or celebration with friends!

The walkways, outdoor artwork, planters and landscaping have been beautifully designed.  This is especially impressive considering the property is brand new!

But the biggest surprise is the Dunes Spa.  Originally intended as a temporary spa, (just until the full spa was completed). It has become so popular and successful, that it will likely remain and they may even build additional cottages. In order to get there, you take a little pathway through a natural jungle-like area, where you immediately feel you are getting back to nature.  In a moment, you approach the welcome tent, where a “glamping” effect has been created, there are comfortable chairs to sit in while you await your service.  You almost feel as though you are going back in time, moving towards a more authentic and simpler life. You begin to relax even before you get your treatment. You climb the outdoor staircase to reach the cottage door and inside they have a lovely treatment room, with shower and I understand they may add outdoor hot tubs. All I can tell you is that my massage was heavenly!

The cuisine was fresh and tasty! I selected fresh, raw fish dishes, such as Ceviche and Tuna Tartare…. They were amazing! The pastry chef was outstanding and made very special treats for us.

Long Bay Beach is wonderful.  The Shore Club beach gives you a feeling of exclusivity and privacy, especially since there are no hotels or development nearby. The water is a gorgeous Caribbean blue and you can actually walk out (over two miles), all the way to an old ship wreck that stands out of the water! It is ideal for children or those who love to walk in shallow waters.  There is a light breeze,  which I love, which gives you a respite from the heat and a feeling of liberation! I didn’t do yoga on the beach but I imagine it would be amazing! One of the best things about Long Bay Beach is the kite surfing.  It is so entertaining to watch. I know many guests will want to do it too!  Maybe next time!!


Linda Lomelino’s FAM Trip to Le Barthelemy

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Linda visits a French Paradise in the Caribbean

By Linda Lomelino

Welcome to France on the island paradise of St. Barths in the middle of the Caribbean Sea!  Passages of Distinction represents a newly built hotel on this island paradise – Le Barthelemy with 46 rooms and two six bedroom villas.

Recently I hosted five travel advisers who specialize in luxury travel who were not disappointed with this introduction to the five star Le Barthelemy Hotel & Spa. The most efficient way to arrive on St. Barths is via San Juan which has the most airlift from the U.S. mainland and connecting with multiple airlines to St. Barths.

After checking in, one is overwhelmed with a view of the magnificent blue water that is so very inviting.

The ocean view rooms with high ceilings enhances the room along with the enclosed private terraces which is enclosed by an invisible screen with a view that is mesmerizing. The comforting  furnishings are stylish and blend in so well with the outdoor look.

Along with enjoying the beach, Le Barthelemy offers a beautiful infinity pool which overlooks the sea and ends in a small waterfall.  At the pool one can enjoy exotic drinks at Le Turquoisea along with a menu featuring an array of snacks and sandwiches from Aux Amis. At Le Spa all one’s senses are restored in a beautiful, soothing Caribbean setting.

The restaurant Aux Amis is perfectly located with a seaside setting and a great selection at breakfast and lunch.  At night Aux Amis has a dinner menu that is straight from France with a Caribbean flair.  This restaurant is overseen by Michelin chef Guy Martin with a staff that is very knowledgeable with the menu describing, in detail, each item.

Overall Le Barthelemy is a very special hotel on a very special island with a very special, attentive staff.