Behind The Scenes – 2018 Curated Experiences Roadshow

2018 Curated Experiences Roadshow

We just recently completed our week-long Roadshow with sixteen of our amazing Collection members. A lot goes into our journey across the country. Every year, I begin planning the details a good 6 months ahead, spending countless hours selecting markets, venues, arranging, travel, menus, flowers, marketing materials, gifts, and the surprise final touches,…and every year, the week that takes so long to plan, is over in what feels like a flash.
As the planner, the feeling I get after it’s all said and done can be compared to the same feeling you have after planning a wedding, in this its six of them! All that work, effort and stress leading up to its boom, all gone just like that! Its a feeling of relief and sadness at the same time. Everyone who we were so happy and excited to see, now need to catch flights back home, we need to say our goodbyes, give our hugs and kisses until the next time.

The week kicks off with a little jet lag from our overseas clients, coupled with super early mornings to catch our flights to the next city of our tour each day. Troughout the week we find ourselves lugging lots of luggage, unloading boxes of materials, setting up tables, spending hours on our feet, doing a lot of talking, and throwing in a sprinkle of late nights as well. It can certainly be grueling and exhausting, but through it all there are laughs, shared meals, great experiences and time to learn about each other.
Passages of Distinction has been doing the roadshow for the last 10 years. Being fortunate to have many long-standing clients, some have been joining us from the beginning, while others are new additions and have much to learn and understand about our collection. Over the course of the week, it nice for me to see these connections happening little by little…I guess one can learn a lot about person while sharing an uber! For me, the real beauty of this week ’on the road,’ is that in their efforts to come here and learn about your business, our collection members also learn about each other, seeing similarities, sharing ideas, experiences, and creating a true sense of being connected, of being ‘the collection.’

This year we chose the theme ‘Curated Experiences’ because we wanted to convey the message that each member in our collection, like a hand-picked piece of artwork, is special and offers a travel experience that is truly unique. Like last year, Joe put together an amazing video to help illustrate how our hoteliers and destination experts focus on every single detail to provide every guest with a sense of discovery. Leaving each guest with a true personal connection, ensuring nothing less than an unforgettable experience and reasons why they stand out amongst the rest in the travel industry. Around the globe we are blessed to be able to work with some of the most professional in the industry, so to see them at work, to see they talk about their experiences and tell us about how they make this happen is truly special and wonderful to witness.
When it is all said and done at the end of our week-long journey, we are left to pack up our bags and head home with the hope that we left all of you with good connections and a clear picture of what we can offer. We are so grateful for your attendance, and we are always trilled to update you on what is new, but we hope you were able to see how special each one of our collection members are, not only do they bring the best of the best to the table for your clients, but they are wonderful people to know and work with and can help you to stand out. What they can deliver is truly special because of who they are and how they work, these connections in this business are priceless.

Like a beautiful piece of artwork, it takes a lot of elements that work together to make it truly great. Our collection is truly great. We are lucky.

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